Zion National Park and Crazy Dog Antics

15 thoughts on “Zion National Park and Crazy Dog Antics”

  1. Oh my goodness! Jakey is just not a National Park kind of dog, is he! I hope you don’t have too many more Nat’l parks during the rest of your trip! Good thing you were able to get back to the rig pretty quickly…and that you had your number available!

    1. Sometimes I think he’s just not an RV kind of dog! He’s been outside all day – we just made him come in and he’s pacing around nervously. Maybe he’s claustrophobic?!

  2. Oh Jake! I am trying not the laugh because I’m sure this is stressful for you, but the image of him hanging out the window while the neighbors poked him with a pole to prevent him from jumping out is pretty humorous. At least it sounds like you got to enjoy a little bit of Zion. And I am with you on the squirrel photo thing! What is wrong with people?

    1. It was stressful while we were rushing back, but yes in hindsight it is pretty funny! I just couldn’t believe those people were nice enough to stand there the whole time making sure Jake didn’t get out – thank goodness for them!

  3. That’s too bad but what a clever dog:) There you are in such an amazing place and Jake wants to go along!! There is lots of hiking outside the park in the BLM land that Jake could have gone with you. Hope you did get to do a few trails.

    1. Yes, he is a VERY smart dog – which I’m sure is part of the problem! We didn’t do any hiking outside of the park – I guess I should have looked into that. We only had 4 nights there – we are trying so hard to slow down on this trip but yet I still feel like we’re rushing through some places!

  4. Your photos could be postcards they are so striking! It is a shame that you were not able to get more hikes in while in the area but you can always come back. It looks like a fabulous National Park. As for Jake, he does seem like he may be claustrophobic, if dogs fall victim to this condition. I am myself so know very well the feeling of being confined.

  5. Thank you so much! Of course, it’s easy to take beautiful photos when you’ve got beautiful scenery! I too have wondered if Jake’s issue might be claustrophobia – when he is inside he spends most of his time on the dash looking out the windshield. Who ever heard of a claustrophobic dog?!

  6. I can relate to the anxious dog issue. I was on the trail you mentioned with my dog this last Thursday and ate lunch in Springdale near the Zion entrance. My dog is an Australian Sheppard, 7 months old. I have been trying to socialize him and for the most part people are tolerable, but other dogs, not. We managed about a half a mile on the trail and called it a day. The drive though, was spectacular and I must have stopped 20 times before exiting on the east side. I have my fifth wheel parked outside the park because of the tunnel. I too didn’t think it was wise to tempt the tunnel and narrow roads. After seeing it I was glad I made that choice. Thanks for sharing your adventure, the pictures were awesome.

  7. Thank you! Jake is an Australian Shepherd mix – he’s fine with other dogs – he just doesn’t ever want to be inside! I agree the drive was beautiful – it was hard to narrow down all of my pictures to decide which ones to post! And good decision on leaving your rig outside the tunnel – I’m still amazed at how many people drive their rigs through it!

  8. Oh poor Jake! I know that is frustrating for you and hope he settles down soon. We had a few of those same issues with our new pup on his second trip out in April. We had to stop for a quick overnight at a KOA on our way, and he never would go pee the entire time we were there and kept hopping all around the RV to check everything out for most of the trip. I hope yours gets used to his home away from home quickly!

    1. We did a 6-month trip in the RV last year – and we are 6 weeks into a trip this year – you’d think he’d be used to it by now! He just hates to be inside – I just can’t figure out why!

  9. As for the chipmunk pics, I was guilty of this myself last weekend. I don’t know about others, but sometimes it’s the only wildlife sighting I have and I like to keep practicing shooting animals, and sometimes the setting is just too beautiful to pass up! My recent shot was perfect light and a gorgeous spot. However, I feel the same way about people shooting deer and turkeys in Cades Cove at GSMNP. For goodness sakes, they stop the car and hang out the window like they just saw their first giraffe! Maybe it has to do with what is plentiful in your “home” area, southeast Wisconsin probably has more deer and turkeys than anywhere else on the planet I sometimes think!

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