The Yellowstone Trail and Dog Drama

18 thoughts on “The Yellowstone Trail and Dog Drama”

  1. Oh man, I wouldn’t wish that fiasco on anyone! So sorry! We all have our ‘doh’ moments and in those moments we hope others will be helpful and understanding. So glad you managed to wrangle them up unharmed and didn’t get a ticket! I can’t wait to hear the reenactment of that story in person!!!

    1. That’s the funny thing – we know how dangerous they are, and were being so careful because of our run-in last year with a momma elk. And yet it still happened! The dogs have never run out of the RV like that before – I still can’t believe it. I think we might skip that campground if we go back again!

      1. I had my run-in with 5 elk up in Mammoth, not knowing the direction I was walking was towards a meadow where momma and her baby were lying in the grass. I had to flag down a visitor to take me back to the Mammoth Hotel by standing in the middle of the road. When they opened the door I hopped in and one of them continued to chase their SUV almost all the way back to the hotel. That was scarier to me that confronting beer on the trail. Makes for interesting stories! 🙂

          1. I should have known as I walked by them grazing on the lawn and they seemed to take an interest in me that I had better stop and go back the other way. We had a friend who was pinned to the ground by a big buck. The rangers had to come to his rescue. That would have been very scary.

  2. What a nightmare, so glad it all turned out ok. It’s funny that Nikki is the only sensible one of the 3! Shorty is a little tough guy and Jake is just plain Jake…wild! That sure is a beautiful campsite you had.

    1. Yes, Nikki is really the only one I trust. Even in that split second when they all took off, I wasn’t concerned about her at all – I knew she wouldn’t go far. At least we have ONE dog that has some sense….

  3. I guess this can go down as another adventurous day of RVing. I’m just glad no one was hurt and all ended well. BTW….your photography is just stunning. Seems like you’re enjoying that new camera 🙂

    1. Yep, that’s definitely a story we’ll be telling for awhile. And thank you very much – yes I am really enjoying the new camera! I hope you’re enjoying your new one too!

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