Glorious Golden and a Cross Country Trek

10 thoughts on “Glorious Golden and a Cross Country Trek”

  1. It was a pleasure meeting and it was fun meeting up with everyone at the brewery. Good luck with the house and I look forward to hearing about your next FL venture….. maybe we’ll even make it that far east this winter!

  2. Wow! You guys have packed in the activity…and the miles. Sounds like you had some excellent get-togethers. Wish we could have seen you this year, but alas our paths were too far apart.

  3. I wish we could have met up again this year too! But yes we were just too far apart this time – we never made it to OR or WA. Next summer we are tentatively planning to explore the northeast, so it may be awhile for we are back on the west coast in the RV.

  4. We are going to be in Denver right after Labor Day, heading that direction for a wedding. Wish we could have met up with the rest of the gang. Hope to meet you two someday.

  5. I like the sounds of this park. We will have to give it try when we hit the area next summer. We don’t usually plan too far head so this should work for us. Sounds like you had a wonderful stay. We met up with Tim and Amanda in Zion and then again in Moab. Super people. We are still waiting to catch up with Al and Ingrid. Enjoy your time in Georgia. Hope it doesn’t get too hot:) Our son live in Atlanta.

    1. We never plan far ahead…which is another reason this park was great for us! By the time we knew were going to be in CO, every single state park I tried was completely booked on the weekends. Our house in Georgia is about 90 minutes north of Atlanta, in the mountains. Our house is at 3000 feet so we are usually spared most of the high temps. In fact we have all our windows open right now! I’m enjoying following your Glacier tales!

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