Still here

24 thoughts on “Still here”

  1. Beautiful photos and nice update. Although we loved Galveston, we decided that wasn’t the place for a project. We’ll continue the shopping as I’m sure you are as well. Have a great holiday season 🙂

    1. Yes, we are still looking too but I’m not sure we’re going to find anything this go-round. But you never know, something may pop up in the next month or two. At least we have the RV!

    1. Thanks Cherie! I wish you could stop by too! Looks like you and Chris are having a great time with Paul & Nina. I was just telling Deas the other day I’m glad we’re going to Maine this year because I’m not sure I’m up for another cross-country journey – it’ll be nice to have less miles to cover this time.

  2. Ah, great pictures. So sorry you guys have been in GA so long … we are missing you and our happy hour conversations. See you soon. Happy holidays to you and Deas and your families.

  3. Those are gorgeous pictures! Now I can’t wait. We’ll be there on Dec 31 for a few days. Maybe we’ll meet up. Is there kayaking?

    1. Oh yes, there is great kayaking there. You can get onto Western Lake from right inside the park. We will be there starting Jan 2 – so yes we’d love to meet up and say hello!

  4. So you can stay long-term at the state park in the winter? Don’t know if Dale Shingler is still the park superintendent but he was a friend of mine from high school.
    Those are great photos of one of our favorite places in FL.

    1. Actually, no you can’t stay there long term in the winter. I didn’t get into this in this post, but you can only stay at the park for 2 weeks at a time. You can leave for one night and then come right back. So that’s what we’ve doing – going down to Topsail for a few quick stays, and we’ve also been visiting our families in Georgia some. You can however stay long term at Topsail for the winter, but they only have a limited number of spaces available to do that. Also Grayton is now starting to enforce a 56-day limit for every 6 month period – they did not enforce this last year. We haven’t hit that limit yet but we probably will when we go back in January, so we’ll have to move to Topsail or a nearby private park if that’s the case.

  5. Hello Jennifer. Our mutual friends, the Buzzetts, told us about your blog when we were there this summer. I’ve been following you since. We are just about to become full-timers when I retire in 3 months. We are actually about to embark on on a one month test stay at Bella Terra in Foley AL. I’m sure that we will make a day trip over Grayton way to meet up with friends. If we do, I’ll try to track you down.

  6. WOW, Really enjoy Grayton Beach State Park. It is a hidden gem. The Kayaking, biking and beach are amazing. We are already looking to book again. Have been here since 22 Jan and wish we could extend longer but have to leave on Tuesday. 😦

    1. Glad you love Grayton as much as we do! We just arrived back in the area yesterday, but we are at Topsail right now. But we’re moving back to Grayton on Friday and can’t wait. Sorry we will just miss you there!

  7. I’m sure we will cross paths again….we are locals and just working out the bugs in our new airstream before moving on to longer trips

    1. Oh, great! We consider ourselves locals too because we lived here for 3 years before RVing. We sold our house here last summer but we can’t help but keep coming back! We’ll be in the area until the end of March before we start heading to Maine for the summer, so maybe we can meet up before then.

  8. We are considering a trip to Massachusetts area in the summer but still planning. We have lived in the area since 1999.

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