Florida’s Forgotten Coast…and Friends!

13 thoughts on “Florida’s Forgotten Coast…and Friends!”

  1. Sounds like you’ve been having way too much socializing and not enough time looking for a new project lol. It’s a small world sometimes. The more the merrier 🙂

    1. I know, right?! We have been looking for another project, but haven’t found the right thing yet. And we’re hitting the road in about 6 weeks, so probably not going to happen for now!

  2. Insomnia brings me here to tell you how great it’s been to hang out with Jennifer and Deas who we met in Zion N.P. last spring. Timing is everything. We planned our trip to Topsail to celebrate my birthday. Our pals Donna & Chris needed a break from a chilly Ohio winter and made the drive to join us. (You will recognize the northerners as the wear the most layers in Florida!) I contacted Jen and our calendars matched up perfectly for the Topsail stay. Through them have met the menagerie of folks you see at the pizza place! The mayhem continues with games and “magic” campfire via Jim and Tim’s fire fairy dust, dice, drinks and downright delicious grub! Brandon and I are hoping to recoup camp fees at poker soon… You can’t beat the beach in January, especially when there are only a handful of humans in sight. But, I know when Deas is headed our way; the red shirt/jacket tells all. He is currently preaching to the un-converted. And this is all I have to say for now!!! Namaste

  3. We love staying at Ho Hum Rv Park! It’s gorgeous and relaxing. Saw dolphin swimming near the pier early every day! Did you see the bears during your stay? Saw them several times during our stay last fall. Amazing and somewhat freaky since it is such a small, but populated area!!

    1. Yes we saw the dolphins too! We did not see any bears, but I know they’re common in that area. We have seen one in Grayton Beach (a few hours west of Ho Hum) where we used to live. And we used to see bears ALL the time when we lived in the north Georgia mountains. Always a thrill to see one!

  4. Jennifer, Rosemarie and I wish we had hooked up with you sooner but we are leaving in the morning bound for Alabama. I visited your website, what fantastic pictures you take! Hopefully we will have a chance to cross paths with you in the future. I see you are planning a trip to Maine, will you by chance be there in September or early October? As we are circling the country, that is when we anticipate reaching Maine.

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