2015 Plans & Two New Purchases for the RV

20 thoughts on “2015 Plans & Two New Purchases for the RV”

  1. Two very smart purchases. I have the same vacuum and love it.. Perfect for RVing as well as regular housework. I’m surprised your rig came with twin mattresses, we had an RV king in the Dynasty and it was very comfortable. We did put a foam topper, though – it was before foam mattresses were available. And I could not survive without our Sleep Sak.

    It’s great that you are going up to the NE. That is exactly where I would head if I could. I have always wanted to do the East coast from GA to Maine, and see the beauty of that part of the country. Quite different from the West. Will be looking forward to your photos and blog entries. Love you both! Barb

    1. We had a foam topper on the twin mattresses – but the foam mattress itself is so much more comfortable! Yes, we are very excited about the exploring the northeast two as neither of us have spent a lot of time there. There will be lots of photos coming! Love you too!

  2. Sounds like you have a great summer in the works!

    Good to know you can get a RV King through Amazon and that it is a good mattress. It’s so weird they have an odor. We ordered a foam topper for our mattress early on in our travels (and love it) but it was Green Tea scented (!!!) so we avoided the odor issue!

    1. The foam topper that we used to have had an odor at first too – I guess it’s just part of the manufacturing process. It’s very chemically smelling – really don’t want to think too much about what causes it!

  3. I can’t wait to follow along on your travels to the northeast. We’ve never been north of Boston and those were the days we always traveled by air. Traveling by RV is so much more fun. Sounds like great plans 🙂

  4. We’re heading east too, but not until the end of summer. We’ll be in Newfoundland at the end of August and won’t move in to New Brunswick and Maine until September and since we’re not full time yet our stay will be fleeting. Can’t wait to see what you guys get up to and what places you find to stay out that way. Not many full time rv’ers go west of the Mississippi and it’s hard to find good reviews of places out east.

    1. We’re planning to stay up that way through at least August, so there’s a chance our paths may cross. We do have friends that live in Newfoundland and have invited us to come visit them, so we may end up adding that to itinerary as well.

  5. That odor in the mattresses by the way is in large part the materials and the fire retardants as well. I only buy showroom mattresses that have “gassed off” for well over 3 months, the chemicals are incredibly toxic to breathe. We bought a regular sized mattress for the rv and don’t care that it’s a couple of inches too narrow for the platform. Just have to be careful not to buy one that is too deep/high.

  6. Ooh I will definitely do that! Nancy & Betsy have lots of of knowledge of Maine but they haven’t been to Nova Scotia either, so thanks for letting me know. I’ll definitely read up on all your posts!

  7. Now I miss my amazon prime even more! I have a home but being able to stream free movies and canned food for $5 for 50 lbs most of our big purchase were in the summertime in Southern CA heat up a full steep set of stairs!

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