A Week in Cedar Key

6 thoughts on “A Week in Cedar Key”

  1. Cedar Key is a great little town. We have stayed at the Sunset Isle Rv park twice and had a great time. The Tiki Bar is our type of place also, Pat and Cindy are so friendly and have done a fantastic job with the bar, hotel and rv park. We are heading up to Maine then into Canada this summer. Maybe we will run into each other!

    1. We are heading to Maine also…mostly Bar Harbor. Planning to be there by June, and then into Nova Scotia for July. So let us know if any of that is on your route also!

  2. Hey Jen & Deas,
    As usual enjoyed latest blog and adventures. Been to most of the latest places so it was great to hear & of course see your fab photos.

    Checked out Harvest Hosts and gonna talk to Sherry tonight about joining before our Sept-October trip to Arkansas, SD, CO, NM, AZ & TX. I take it you have been members for awhile and happy with them? Have you been to HH sites all across US?

    Hope by time you read this Nikki is feeling better. Talk to you soon.
    Namaste friends!

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