More Moab

As much as we loved our day visiting Arches National Park, we knew Moab had a lot more to offer. We spent our second day exploring Deadhorse Point State Park, which was about a 30 minute drive outside of Moab. One of the features of the park is a peninsula of rock above sheer sandstone … Continue reading More Moab

Elk Encounter!

Deas and I spent a night at the Mammoth Springs campground in Yellowstone earlier this week, and ended up having a pretty interesting experience. When we drove into the campground, there were signs everywhere warning people not to approach the elk. I spoke to the woman who was camping next to us, and she said … Continue reading Elk Encounter!

Wyoming Bound

We’d just spent about 3 weeks in Colorado, and as much as we loved it, I was ready to get another state border crossing under my belt. The border of Wyoming was only about 4 hours away, so we packed up early that morning and headed out. After a few hours of more Colorado loveliness, … Continue reading Wyoming Bound